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"At the Altar with Billy Graham," from Avidly

"Britney, Our Lady of Perpetuity," from Avidly

"Elegy for SkyMall," from 3QR

"Essay After Marie Howe," from Twelfth House

"Having a Coke With You: For José Esteban Munoz (1966-2013)," from Punctum Books

"Larry Kramer Gave Me Chlamydia," from Avidly

"Layover," from The Citron Review

"Learning to Poem," from Lambda Literary Review

"My Mother's Breasts," from Los Angeles Review

"Your Father, Who Art Not Me," from The Good Men Project

"This is Not a Suicide Note," from Lunch


"Retrospective," from Assaracus

"Where the Wild Things Go" from POETRY

"Soon We'll All Bury Our Dead" and "Mechanics," from Lambda Literary Review

“The Summer I Half Dated a Rock Star” and “Soliloquy," from Barrelhouse

"First" and "Home Alone for the First Time" from Word Riot

"After Watching 10 Things I Hate About You, Echo Writes Narcissus a Poem in the Vein of Julia Stiles," from Animal (with Will Stockton)

Two Poems from B O D Y

Five Poems from Connotation Press

"On the Day Your Brother Attempts Suicide for the Third Time, The Second Person," from Gabby

"Iris," from The Good Men Project

Two Britney Poems from jdbrecords

"Pending Approval for Suicide Barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge, Questions for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors," from The Rumpus

"Postcard," from Juked

"My Mother Asks My Father to Sell His Motorcycle," from The Nervous Breakdown

"Call & Response," from PANK

"Elaine at the VFW," from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Catch & Release," from Touchstone