Jesus Freakwith Will Stockton (Bloomsbury, 2018)

Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (Editor, Parlor Press, 2016)

I Will Say This Exactly One Time: Essays (Sibling Rivalry, 2015)

Crush, with Will Stockton (Punctum Books, 2014)

Brit Lit (Sibling Rivalry, 2013)

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select nonfiction

"I Still Believe, Britney: Twenty Years Later," from Avidly: A Channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books

"When I Am Delilah," from Hobart

"At the Altar with Billy Graham," from Avidly: A Channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books

“Streaming In: Piss and Place in Creative Nonfiction," from The Rumpus

"Learning to Poem," from Lambda Literary Review

"Britney, Our Lady of Perpetuity," from Avidly: A Channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books

"This is Not a Suicide Note," from Lunch

select poetry

"Retrospective," from Assaracus

"Where the Wild Things Go" from POETRY

“My Mother Explains Chemo to Andy Warhol," from Tupelo Quarterly

"Soon We'll All Bury Our Dead" and "Mechanics," from Lambda Literary Review

“The Summer I Half Dated a Rock Star” and “Soliloquy," from Barrelhouse

"Pending Approval for Suicide Barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge, Questions for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors," from The Rumpus

"Postcard," from Juked

"My Mother Asks My Father to Sell His Motorcycle," from The Nervous Breakdown

"Call & Response," from PANK

"Elaine at the VFW," from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette